Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Combined



Headshot Formal1Welcome to my therapy and coaching practice website. While I’ll do my best to give you an overview of my practice, a phone or in-person consultation is always preferred.

My philosophy is to focus on solutions and moving forward rather than over-analyzing the past. Let’s start off with a positive, goal-oriented approach and remove obstacles as necessary.

The focus of my therapy and coaching is on your personal development. Every day we develop in many ways. Success in life is no accident. The happiest people have intentionally developed themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Each of our sessions is designed to create a noticeable impact. There might be a moment of realization, a shift in feelings, or seeing something from a different perspective.

I use the most modern and effective tools and techniques including Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Meditation, and Mindfulness training.

Please call 303-513-5388, e-mail, or use the convenient Contact Form, to schedule your in-office or phone consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Perry


“Michael helped me calm my brain and remove emotions that truly clutter or even prevent the ability to think rationally. As the process continued, this not only cured my jealousy, it permeated to all aspects of my life, including my career, my professional relationships as well as the relationship that I have with my spouses children. I would recommend Michael and this process to anyone seeking help for a desperate situation (as mine was), as well as anyone interested in learning how to maintain true confidence in themselves and the life that they lead.”–Bob, Broomfield

“Prior to having Michael as my life coach, I never realized how much anxiety and doubt was negatively impacting my career and home life.  After only a few months of sessions, my outlook on life as well as my self-confidence has skyrocketed.  I’m so much happier at my job, have much more positive interactions with my boss and co-workers, and even feel more energetic after work.”–Chris, Highlands Ranch

"My life has been so significantly improved since partnering with Michael Perry as my life coach, it's remarkable."–Mike, Arvada

"Thanks! I feel better today. I wanted to let you know that I slept really well and had very positive dreams last night. I think your confidence therapy is great! (you can put that on your website :-) )!"–B, Highlands Ranch

"I have been to many counselors in the past, but Michael is on another level. His techniques have had an immediate impact on my situation, faster than anything I've tried before."–Josh, Broomfield

"The most difficult part was making the first appointment, and then after realizing how comfortable I felt talking to Michael I looked forward to our sessions. He has a true talent for what he does."–Heather, Littleton

"Since working with Michael Perry as my life coach my assertiveness skills have greatly improved. As a person who has always suffered from “terminal niceness” I have always had problems of setting boundaries in my professional and personal life. With the effective visualization techniques that Michael has armed me with I am much more confident and poised in my work and home life and am able to say “NO” which is a huge milestone for me. Michael’s techniques have proven to be much more effective than the typical therapy work I have done in the past. I have noticed - and my friends, family and co-workers have all noticed significant improvement in my attitude, stress levels and overall general happiness."–Becky, Highlands Ranch

"I was given techniques that helped me to overcome moments of sadness and hopelessness in an instant and I started feeling more in control and confident about my circumstance within just a few sessions. I love the visualization techniques that we have worked on and can tell a huge difference from practicing them."–Brittainy, Littleton

"I had been to other therapists with little or nothing to show for it but a lighter wallet. Michael’s balanced approach of determining the issues and what triggers the stress or anxiety and then coupling that with hypnotherapy worked for me. Both my wife and I noticed that I was calmer and my anxiety all but disappeared."–Joe, Broomfield