Hypnosis is a most powerful tool. The effects can be immediate and over time the changes become permanent. Take a moment to learn about medical hypnosis from the following trusted resources.

Harvard University (Video):

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Mayo Clinic:

National Institutes of Health (Video):



Mindfulness & Meditation Training

Think of mindfulness and meditation as ways to reset the mind to the factory defaults. You can experience calmness and think more clearly, without all the clutter. Anything we practice repeatedly becomes habit. You will soon begin to notice that you feel more settled in your day to day life and handle the unexpected more easily. Here is one of the most recent studies (2017):



Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral techniques provide a practical approach to changing the patterns of thinking and behavior that contribute to our unhappiness. It is likely the most well researched and effective form of talk-therapy available.



Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are your animal instincts. They give you instant and powerful feedback about the situation at hand. Often times the frequency, intensity, and duration of a particular emotion is unhealthy. Emotional Intelligence work gives you the ability to be aware of, control, and communicate your emotions. It takes away the “out of control” aspect of emotion.


Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques are instrumental in eliminating negative associations. The brain is a visual processing machine. Every memory is visual and has an emotion attached to it. When you remember the event you also feel the feeling. We can use this visual programming language to change these associations.

Certain visualization techniques are very powerful in creating positive associations. We use these to modify our feelings around current and future events and circumstances.